Why is Australian housing so expensive?

Australian State and Federal Governments policies favour speculators not first home-buyers.

  • Negative Gearing and Capital Gains Discounts on existing houses subsidises speculators without increasing supply.
  • High Stamp Duty adds thousands of dollars to the cost of buying a house.
  • Unsustainable Immigration keeps demand going up.
  • Foreign Investors buy one in-in-eight properties.
  • Slashing Public Housing has created a shortage of affordable housing.
  • First Home Buyer grants just force up the price of houses and really only benefit vendors.
  • Super Tax Breaks encourage use of housing investment as superannuation.

This Affordable Housing Party of Australia web site has put us well within reach of attracting the 550 names we need to be certain of satisfying the Australian Electoral Commission 's requirement of a minimum of 500 CONFIRMABLE names. But, because we need to lodge many more than 500 names ( see below) to be certain of the 500 CONFIRMABLE names, and thus registration, our application has not yet been lodged.

Experience has shown than 550 names are needed to guarantee that enough of the names will pass AEC checking, which includes the return, within a short time, of Reply Paid letters posted to our members' enrolled addresses. So we still need more names ! With talk of an early election, we strongly urge you to join us now. Joining does not prevent you from voting for any other party at election time. It only means that you, and all other voters, will have the choice of voting specifically for policies aimed at improving Housing Affordability for both first home buyers and renters.

Our Objective

The Affordable Housing Party's prime objective, indeed its reason for existence, is to initiate and or support any and all legislation that will assist all Australians to have access to safe, affordable and appropriate housing throughout their lives, and with supporting adequate community amenities.

There has never before been a need for a party such as ours.

Once we are successful, hopefully there will never be such a need again.


WE NEED 500 CONFIRMABLE NAMES so that, when the AEC posts a checking letter to your listed address, you promptly use the Reply Paid to return it. The window time for reply is short, so as to make re-direction to another address impossible within the time window.

Experience has shown that 550 names initially have been required to ensure registration at the first attempt.

We aim to lodge our 550 names well in time to be on the Senate ballot paper at the next election.

The AEC website warns that completion of their investigation relating to the new party registration can take up to three months, so please sign up NOW. ADD YOUR NAME HERE FOR FREE.

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Our website was created in August 2013.